Saturday, January 16, 2016

A New Day!

"A New Day" 15x30" original oil painting by Bonnie Mason

There's just something about NEW things :) New cars, new babies (we were all new once) new years and brand new shiny days. Morning is my favorite time of day- because its all brand new and full of hope. If you've ever driven down Williamson Road in Roanoke early in the morning and crossed the bridge just before it goes down to Salem Avenue as the sun has just come up - maybe you've experienced what I felt as I stood on the bridge taking reference photos for this painting. It was exciting! And not just because I felt like I might be run over at any moment!! lol

There were so many beautiful shadows with gorgeous reflections in them and toasty warm sunlit was a visual feast. I could just imagine all those people rushing by in their cars to work- and wondered what hopes and dreams they had that might be fulfilled that day....You should go and see it yourself some morning. You'll be glad you did.